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Karen Moore is an almost fourtyish mother of two living in Wichita, Kansas.  A Medical Laboratory Technologist by day, a mother, wife, cook, amateur photographer and science fiction fan by night (I like Star Trek better than Star Wars. So there. Nya Nya). She is an expat Canadian from Montréal, Québec who moved to Wichita in 2005.

No, I have never seen a tornado live, and I don’t know where the yellow brick road is, but I have learned that Kansas is so flat that if I squint, I can almost see Colorado from my back yard on a clear day.

I started this blog because I thought it would be fun (it is).

I had a few other motivations, and to understand them, you need a brief family history. My mother came from Thessalonica, Greece to Montréal when she was in her twenties, where she met and eventually married my father, a strappingly handome young man of Irish descent. She was a wonderful cook. Everything was made from scratch using fresh ingredients.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as frozen french fries until I was a teenager. She passed away when I was quite young, taking all of her recipes and years of cooking wisdom with her, before I really had a chance to learn from her. I wanted to leave more behind for my own children, so I began to keep a record of the recipes I loved to cook and they loved to eat. A good idea, really, provided future generations can read my scribbled shorthand. And provided I actually remember to write down all the little details, notes and measurements that makes a pancake a pancake and not a crepe….

My solution? Blog it as I make it. That way I need to carefully go through every recipe, record all of my notes and modifications, and photograph the process and results. My hope is that eventually I will have created something with a dash of substance and a pinch of humor that my friends, family and children can enjoy.

Food blogging also wraps up a few of my favorite things in one tidy little package; Cooking, photography and SciFi. Ok well not so much the SciFi thing. But maybe one day I’ll find a nice Klingon recipe for grilled salmon I might want to try.

So enough about me, what kind of posts are you going to find in this blog? Do read on. All of your burning questions will be answered forthwith.

Eclectic Cooking, The art of


Find the recipes, because they won’t find you

Magazines, websites, blogs, cookbooks, restaurants, the back of a container of rolled oats. Recipes and inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.

Cook almost anything, at least once

If you don’t try it, you won’t know how wonderful it is and how you can’t live without it. You never know, you might actually love braised armadillo in a light cream sauce.

Go global!

There are so many different tastes, textures, flavor combinations and cooking styles from countless cultures and regions available and accessible to the home cook like never before. Want a cookbook on Classic Transylvanian Cooking? Bet you can find it on Amazon, or eBay. Cooks from around the globe post recipes online everyday, and there are innumerable websites dedicated to cultural and regional cuisines just a Google search and a mouse click away. Ingredients are so much easier to find these days too. Explore the international section of your grocery store, find local ethnic markets and get cooking.

Embrace variety. It really is the spice of life

If you want to cook a Thai inspired dish on Monday, spaghetti and meatballs on Tuesday, Vietnamese spring rolls on Wednesday, and pizza on Thursday, more power to ya!

Cook using an assorment of fresh, whole ingredients

You can’t really go wrong with this one.  If you know, and can pronounce, every ingredient you put in to whatever you are cooking for your family and friends, the better it tastes and the better it is for them.

These are the kinds of things you will find on my blog; my recipes, recipes from magazines, cookbooks, from other food blogs, from the back of a container of rolled oats, tips, tricks and advice, and mistakes that I learned from. Hope you can tag along, it should be a fun bloggin’ ride!

Karen Moore
The Canadian in Kansas

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