Hot and Sweet Glazed Pork Chops

Ridiculously simple recipe for sweet and teasingly spicy grilled pork chops. Who says it’s the “other” white meat? […]

Moroccan Chicken Brochettes with Chermoula Sauce

Chicken breast marinated in a tangy Moroccan sauce and grilled to perfection, served with reserved marinade for […]

Quick Chicken Curry

Make easy curried chicken in coconut milk and tomato sauce, in under 30 […]

Mom, Memories and Souvlaki

I love you and I miss you, Mom. This one is for you.

My mother was a feisty little Greek woman from Thessalonica; short in stature, with a big, warm, giving heart.  She was a naturally talented cook who never wrote down a single recipe. She passed away when I was a teenager, before I had the chance to really learn from her in the kitchen.  Dad was a set-in-his ways, meat and potatoes Irish fireman who couldn’t really appreciate many of the Greek dishes she was capable of preparing.  Mom would reserve those dishes for when Dad worked nights and it […]