Chicken Noodle Soup Remedy

My day didn’t go exactly as planned, yesterday. Which isn’t all that uncommon for me since that fateful day a little over eleven years ago when I gave birth to my first child.

Over the years I have discovered and mastered a key parental survival skill; the ability to change course and speed on a dime and without a grumble; at least not where the children can overhear you. Which is why I dropped (gently) what I was doing at work, got in the car, and drove for a half an hour to my daughter’s school when the nurse called to inform me that my little […]

Roman Egg-drop Soup - Stracciatella

Me and Italian food, we go way, way back; all the way back to the dusty, faded, Polaroid-tinted memories of my early youth in the 70’s. I spent my single digit years in one of Montreal’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, Park Extension, or Park Ex to those who have more pressing matters to attend to and don’t have time for three syllables.

Park Extension has always been a gateway neighborhood for new immigrants to Canada, and in the 70’s, the cultural landscape was largely made up of people from Greece, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. It was […]

Bollito Di Manzo – Italian Boiled Beef with Tomato, Anchovy and Caper Sauce

I’ve learned eleven really important things over the past few weeks:

Just because this is Kansas does not mean that that it can’t get cold enough outside to freeze my eyelashes together.
Sometimes, snow will stay on the ground for way more than a day in Kansas.
I need winter boots. With a soft, fluffy lining.
I fully and completely understand the term “wind chill”.
The warmest part of my dog is her belly.
My dog squeals like a stuck pig when cold feet contact warm belly.
Braising meat on the stove for a good long time will really warm up […]

Just Chili

Chili; the ultimate comfort food. Nothing too fancy or too complicated, just combine ingredients in your favorite comfort food pot, put it on the stove and forget about it until the house starts to smell really good and your tummy starts to grumble. […]